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Hear what’s being written! See what you are hearing.  Is it double speak?

Look closer. See what’s being said! Listen more.  Is it double vision? A mirrored maze, perhaps?   In this day and in this time of the living, can anyone not come in contact with the ooze of “culture smear”?  As the “wise one” once said, “Confusion reigns and all gets wet” - a play on words.

Communication was a form of art; however, today’s communication is an art form on structured confusion by verbalizing  twisted truths, haft truths, lies and white lies and other propaganda, political or otherwise .

As Hank Hanegraaff, also known as the "Bible Answer Man", often says in pointing out a false gospel, “It is a lie covered in the skin of the truth,   Can this be said for many “talking heads” who broadcast this culture “ooze” out from the shadows of “deceptive art form” communications through various venues in today’s mass media.

Is it any clearer yet? Is there an agenda driven by a unknown force – be what it may, you decide  - to create a segregated culture inhabited by people who have been numbered, labeled, grouped, and in many ways encouraged to communicate in a lots and lots of languages, and yes, promoted to be sovereignties within a sovereignty – all aim at an existing unity – might I say, the United States of America –to divide or to divide and conquer?   Stop! Really?

In a culture of yesteryear, a people were united - E pluribus "One out of many" or "One from many”and could beidentified by personal character andprincipledvalues, morals and ethics, loyalty and steadfastness, reputation and self-respect, etc., etc.  - just to mention a few.  But not to lose heart, there is a remnant of yesteryear’s people and thanks for knowing who you are.

Question; What can make speaking with a “forked tongue” better? How’s “straight talk” sound? “Say it like it is” works for me; how’s about you?

In today’s culture, the sharing of ideas and diverse opinions on topical issues results in too much being said about “nothing” and not enough being said about “something”, but just enough being said about everything … just saying.

Is there a need for our present culture to be given a chance to change from babble bias to basic English? So what we say to each other be grounded in reality and a culture makeover can germinate from an exchange of basic ideas in civility.

Here’s a thought -  how about willing citizens who will speak in the light of truth based on reality or how about a ready and willing citizen who will write with words that ring true – or maybe just pick a current controversy , communicate both ends of the controversy  and discover, hey, there is a middle between two ends. This may be the telling point.  In simple telling or “straight talk”, a point of view can be discussed, debated, dissected or otherwise determined to be unworthy of continued thought, but silence is deafening.  Your thoughts?  None. Ok, I will give you mine – read The Telling Point.

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